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Fieldwork: seeking balance through the 5 Rhythms

"Those first hours of the morning, as the crepuscular light rises above the horizon, have always been inspiring to me.  I am reminded of a time in my childhood at 7 years old when I first visited my tribal nation’s reservation in southern Alabama. There was a field on the reservation that I felt called to explore, enraptured by this land that I had heard my mother speak about so many times before. I vividly recall the morning light seeping through the trees as the wind carried the songs of the morning birds.  I remember taking off my shoes, my feet connecting to the bare soil, my toes mingling with the earth.  I am aware of new sensations coursing through my body and I began to stomp my feet. I stomped my feet and moved my body in ways I had never moved before. The dancer within me was suddenly born."

- Roger Kuhn

"A cutting-edge anthology that opens the door for emergent voices from African American, Indigenous, Latin American, and Asian embodiment traditions to transform  the field of somatics"

Diverse Bodies, Diverse Practices 

Available at: Amazon


Critical Sexual Literacy: Forecasting Trends in Sexual Politics, Diversity, and Pedagogy

Chapter: Two-Spirit Love at the BAAITS Powwow 

Anthem Press

Purchase at Amazon

An Intersectional Approach to Sex Therapy: Centering the Lives of Black, Indigenous, Racialized, and People of Color

Chapter: Sexual Sovereignty and Erotic Survivance: Two-Spirit Sexual Health and Vitality


Purchase at Routledge or Amazon

Two-Spirit Love: Toward an Inclusion of Sexual Sovereignty and Erotic Survivance

PhD Dissertation

Available to download for free here

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