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Greetings and welcome!  Thank you for your interest in working with me.  

For all inquiries related to my academic work including consulting, public speaking opportunities, writing, and workshops, please feel free to contact me here.


For all inquiries related to therapy and clinical trainings, please feel free to contact me here.

Mvto (thank you),

Roger Kuhn


Download my media kit here

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I consider myself a soma-cultural therapist.  I am interested in the body and its relation to culture which helps shape, challenge, and ultimately influence our experiences. I hold values in justice, equity, diversity, and inclusivity.  These values guide my work and inform how I understand the complex issues people experience in their lives.  

Sex therapy is a form of therapy which focuses on sexuality, including behaviors, physiological, and psychological issues that an individual or couple/open/poly relationships may encounter.  Working through the lens of sexuality allows for an exploration of various themes including intimacy, problematic sexual behaviors (including overconsumption of dating/hook up applications and pornography), and physiological issues such as erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, and painful intercourse. I am a certified sex therapist through the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT).

I offer clinical supervision for Associate Marriage and Family Therapists (AMFT), Associate Clinical Social Workers (ASW), and Associate Professional Clinical Counselors (APCC). 

In additional to my work in the mental health field, I am also a college professor and published author.  I currently teach in the American Indian/Ethnic Studies program at San Francisco State University and teach courses on Native American feminism and Queer Indigenous studies.  I have a PhD in Human Sexuality where my work focuses on how Two-Spirit people conceptualize love. Additionally, I currently have three book chapters published.  

I offer a free 20 minute consultation to hep you determine if working with me will get you closer to your goals.  I look forward to chatting with you soon.

Is your clinic or organization looking to offer additional trainings to your trainees, associates, community or employees?  I offer workshops and trainings on topics ranging from Diversity and Equity, Decolonization and Unsettling, Human Sexuality, Technology and Intimacy, Two-Spirit and LGBTQ+ Native American sexuality, and Pleasure as a tool of healing.

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