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Soma-Cultural Supervision

I offer clinical supervision for Associate Marriage and Family Therapists (AMFT), Associate Clinical Social Workers (ASW), and Associate Professional Clinical Counselors (APCC). 


As a supervisor I utilize liberation psychology as the foundation for which our work is based.  Liberation psychology as defined by Watkins and Shulman (2013) "moves into opposite directions. One motion is deconstructive and critical, looking backward at what we have been doing and thinking that is dysfunctional, dissociative, and distractive; the other motion is moving forward, toward new capacities for imagining come on voicing, connecting, empathizing, and celebrating self and other in community" (p. 28). They further state, "we need a psychology that breaks our hearts, because only that kind of psychology could awaken us to our entanglements in strategies of dissociation, to the spirit of trauma, to grief from mourning, and to potential joy and healing" (p. 31).  

Let us work together to awaken the entanglements that are present in the clinical work.  If you are interested in clinical supervision please contact me to discuss.  

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