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Somacultural Liberation

“I believe it is valid to question and understand the role of culture in our bodily experiences, and when we can understand this impact better, we can all take another step toward our personal and collective liberation.”

My new book, Somacultural Liberation, is now available.  You can order online at your favorite book seller via paperback, e-book, or audio.  

I look forward to learning how Somacultural Liberation has shifted your perspective.  

I am available for speaking engagements, trainings, and workshops based upon the tools and interventions mentioned in the book.  If you would like to book a speaking engagement, training or workshop, please inquire via email.


Somacultural Liberation

What role does dominant culture play in how we experience the sensations, thoughts, feelings, and deeper existential mysteries of our bodies?

Dr. Roger Kuhn, a Poarch Creek Two-Spirit Indi- gequeer activist, artist, sex therapist, and somacul- tural theorist, believes that Two-Spirit people hold a unique perspective—and that viewing our bodies through a somacultural lens can help us better un- derstand how dominant culture informs and, all too often, misinforms our relationship to it.

Somacultural liberation is an embodied practice that helps people connect with the intersections of their identity. Kuhn’s revolutionary mode of inquiry illuminates the full impact of our cultural reality in shaping both our individual and shared sense of self.

The history and experiences of Native Ameri- can peoples and those who identify as Two-Spirit offer the reader a path to access the full brilliance of their body. Including growth work activities, cultural assessment exercises, mindfulness practices, and nervous system regulation techniques, Somacultural Liberation provides readers with the tools and skills needed to transcend any challenges they may face in their lives.

Straddling colonial imposition and tribal significance, Two-Spirit identity offers a powerful decolonizing framework to achieve freedom and navigate the toxic systems of domination that impose upon the precious truth of who we are.

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Chill the Fuck Out Playlist

The below playlist is one that I listened to while I was writing Somacultural Liberation.  

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