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Psychotherapy Specialties*


Sex therapy is a form of therapy which focuses on sexuality, including behaviors, physiological, and psychological issues that an individual or couple/open/poly relationships may encounter.  Working through the lens of sexuality allows for an exploration of various themes including intimacy, problematic sexual behaviors (including overconsumption of dating/hook up applications and pornography), and physiological issues such as erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, and painful intercourse.

Anxiety, Stress, and Panic

One of the greatest requests that I receive are to help people experiencing issues related to performance anxiety including erectile and ejaculatory concerns, painful intercourse, and fear of rejection.  

I also work with people who are experiencing non-sexual health related anxieties such as work-related, family-related, political, spiritual, and relationship challenges.


My work with couples is focused on sex and intimacy issues including desire discrepancy, infidelity, erectile and ejaculatory concerns, reproductive issues, lack of sex, open relationships, and painful intercourse.  


Grief is a non-linear process that some people experience after challenging life events. This might include the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, end of a relationship, or decision to end harmful behaviors.  


Relationship counseling is similar to couples counseling in that in involves more than one person.  Relationship counseling may be idea for parent/child, siblings, friends, co-workers, etc.  My work with relationship  counseling is often through the lens of sex therapy and sexuality concerns.

Career and Life Adjustments 

While many of my clients contact me for issues concerning sexuality, a common question I am asked during consultations is, "can I also talk about work issues?" The answer, yes, all parts of your experience are welcome.  Often we find work or other life stressors are complicating any sexual performance related anxiety a person might feel.

Two-Spirit, LGBTQ+

My work is informed from a social and sexual justice perspective.  I strongly believe in equality and equity and work to create brave spaces for clients to explore the impact of privilege, colonization, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, patriarchy, and the countless 'isms' we encounter in life.   


Trauma is a pain that could be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  Trauma comes in many forms and impacts people from all backgrounds.  I often hear people describe their trauma as not as bad as someone else.  I do not believe in a hierarchy of trauma. Trauma is trauma.  I work through the lens of liberation psychology to help those experiencing trauma in their lives. 


I work with  clients experiencing a variety of symptoms in their life that lead to feelings of depression including sadness, lack of motivation, apathy, isolation, loneliness, grief, and loss.

Feeling stuck and unmotivated

 A clinical supervisor once told me that boredom is the absence of one thing, and the presence of another.  When you are feeling stuck or unmotivated, what is present in your life, what is absent?  I use values based work to help clients better understand themselves and what motivates them in their lives.

*All services will be via video conferencing until it is deemed safe to return to in-person.  Via video I am able to offer my services to all in the state of California.

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