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Listening to, playing, and creating music are some of my greatest joys in life.  I can not remember a time in my life when music didn't play a significant role in helping reconnect to myself, to others, and/or to a moment.  I have been writing music and songs since childhood.    

I spent a few years actively pursuing music as a career.  I played regular gigs around NYC and took my act on the road a few times.  One of the highlights of my time as a musician was creating a music video for my song, What's Your Name, from my album, Proof. The song and video would go on to gain national and international radio play, national TV play (Logo), be named a Top 10 Video of the year in 2008, and win the 2008 song of the year from the Stonewall Society for the Arts. 

I have released and recorded 5 independent album, including my latest release Mvto (2023) a songwriting retrospective including 4 new songs and 6 songs that have appeared on prior releases.  This album also marks the first time my music is available on vinyl.  The lead single, Mvto, has been featured on radio, broadcast, and media programs and is currently  a top 10 single on Alt Q 365 radio.  

For those that have continued to follow me from the What's Your Name days, thank you! I appreciate all of your support over the years.  Mvto.  Roger 🎶

Feel free to visit my music and art related website at:



"When the light is just right, I see the look that's in your eyes.  It says come hold me tight, I want to feel you deep inside.  And when the moon starts to hide, the sun embraces the night; I feel you by my side, I can't wait for the morning light with you"

-Mvto, Roger Kuhn 

What's Your Name?

This song was written about a crush I had on a guy that worked at a grocery store in my neighborhood.  I finally did learn his name and also find out he had a girlfriend 👀🤓

"What's your name? What is your history, what is your game? What is your pleasure, what is your pain? I want to know what is your name"

Om Namo Amitabhaya

I made a demo recording of this song while on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica.  This version has close to 30K plays on YouTube!  ​

Om Namo Amitabhaya

I give thanks to the Buddha, to the teachings, and to community


The music for this song was written by my best friend.  He sent me the track one snowy dark morning while I was living in Brooklyn, NY.  I listened to the track once, then recorded myself improvising the lyrics over the music.  From my holiday album, Every Year Around Xmas Time.

Your Little Monster

Friends always ask if I ever write songs about sex. Sure, all the time, I just don't record them!  LOL! This was a song I wrote in my early 20's while sitting in Washington Sq. Park in NYC (where I would eventually shoot my What's Your Name music video).

Why Can't I Quit You?

I wrote this song after watching the film Brokeback Mountain.  Having grown up in rural part of the USA the film resonated with me in many ways.  

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