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Two-Spirit & Native LGBTQ+ Center for Equity 

The Two-Spirit Center for Equity is hiring an Executive Director.  For the full job posting, please see the attached pdf.


To apply send cover letter and resume to: Shawn Imitates Dog at  

Please note I am not conducting this job search, please do not contact me directly.  I am a board member of the Two-Spirit & Native LGBTQ+ Center for Equity and am posting on their behalf. 

Two-Spirit & Native LGBTQ+ Center for Equity

Two Spirit & Native LGBTQ+ Center for Equity (2S Center)


Executive Director (Full-Time)


About the Organization:

Over the last several decades, many efforts to organize within Two-Spirit and Native LGBTQ+ communities have come and gone because of a lack of resources and financial support. The Two Spirit & Native LGBTQ+ Center for Equity (2S Center) is a national non-profit developed to address the needs for advocacy, resources, violence prevention, and healing in the Two-Spirit/Native LGBTQ+ and broader communities. The 2S Center’s primary purpose is to restore self-determination to Two-Spirit/Native LGBTQ+ relatives, by reclaiming Two-Spirit identities into the community and cultural structures. Along with the restoration of self-determination, the 2S Center’s vision is to restore balance and healing among Two-Spirit relatives and build a movement for equity and justice by leading with compassion, honoring resiliency, advancing equity, and preventing violence through advocacy, technical assistance, and resource building for current and future generations.


The Position:

The Executive Director will be responsible for creating and implementing policies and procedures set by the Board of Directors. This includes annual goals, objectives, and work plans, as well as overseeing program staff, consultants, and assignments.  The Executive Director will oversee funding sources as well as develop innovative collaborations to have a positive impact on the organization. 

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